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Note: Titles may have been purchased by new owners beyond the timeline currently covered on this website and hence are not represented on the publisher list below.

Publisher: 2D Studios

Publisher: Action Pursuit Group

Publisher: All American Drags Illustrated A Division of Advance Vending Corp / Lloyd Derrer

Publisher: American Hot Rod Association (AHRA)

Publisher: Ames Publishing / Robert F. Ames

Publisher: Amos Press or Amos Automotive

Publisher: Arden Communications / John McCluskey

Publisher: Argus Publishers Corp, Coronado Book Corporation, or Delta Magazines Inc. / Gordon Behn

Publisher: ATM Communications, or Aztlan Communications / Larry Gonzalez, Sonny Madrid and David Nunez

Publisher: Auto Racing Memories Publishing and Promotions Company / Ken C. Breslauer

Publisher: Auto Sports, or U.S. Auto Sports / Larry Tomaras

Publisher: Auto World or OLR Publishing / Oscar Koveleski

Publisher: B.I.G. Publishing Ltd. / Isidro Romero & Terrence Bishop

Publisher: Bimfort Inc. / Armand Lopez

Publisher: BLVD Magazine / Lonnie J. Lopez

Publisher: Bombs Magazine / Steven Caudillo

Publisher: Bond Publishing, or Bond-Parkhurst

Publisher: Brock Publishing Company / Ray Brock

Publisher: Buckaroo Publishing / John Dianna

Publisher: California Sports Car Club

Publisher: Carnaby Communications Corp, or Sportscar Illustrated Inc.

Publisher: CBS Publications-West, or CBS

Publisher: Rogelio Cevallos

Publisher: Challenge Publications / Ed Schnepf

Publisher: Chappell Publishing / Jack Chappell and Jerry Burton

Publisher: Circle Publishing Company / John "Monk" Reynolds

Publisher: Classic Publishing Inc. / Fred Lawson

Publisher: C.N.T. Unlimited Inc. / Jeff Johnson

Publisher: Continental Web Press / Ken Field

Publisher: Coronado Book Corporation / Gordon Behn

Publisher: CPO Publishing or Christian Motorsport Ministries / Roland Osbourne III

Publisher: CSK Publishing or JHS Publications / Stephen Schneider

Publisher: Jerome Desvaux

Publisher: Diamandis Communications

Publisher: Dobbs Publishing Company / Larry Dobbs

Publisher: Drag Publishing Co / Sam Shepherd

Publisher: Eastern Publishing Company / John "Monk" Reynolds

Publisher: Emjay Publications Inc. / Melvin Jacolow

Publisher: Enthusiasts Inc. / Gary Schmidt

Publisher: Enthusiasts Publications Inc

Publisher: Enthusiasts Publications Ltd

Publisher: Engledrum Publishing, RPM Sales Corp, or 110 Fillmore Corp / Phil Engeldrum

Publisher: E-Go Enterprises / Edward Goldstein

Publisher: Fancy Publications / Norman Ridker

Publisher: Fass Publications; Stories, Layouts and Press Inc.; Countrywide Communications, Inc.; or SJ Publications Inc.

Publisher: Fawcett

Publisher: Bernie Finkel

Publisher: Four Wheeler Publishing Company / Jack Pelzer

Publisher: General Media Automotive Group

Publisher: General Motors

Publisher: General Publishing Company / Ed Pazdur

Publisher: Golden Gate Press Concord CA

Publisher: Great American Publications / Henry Scharf

Publisher: GTO Enthusiast / George Ellis

Publisher: H-K Publications / Joseph Hardie and Raymond Kelly

Publisher: Hachette-Filipacchi

Publisher: A John Hall Publication

Publisher: Hard Media Inc. / Michael Ferrara

Publisher: Harle Publications or Hobby Publications / Joseph Hardie and Ray Kelly (sold to Lee Sparacio in 1961)

Publisher: Harle Publications / Lee Sparacio (purchased from Hardie & Kelly in 1961)

Publisher: Harris Publications Inc./ Stanley Harris

Publisher: Hemmings

Publisher: Hi-Torque Publications / William R. Golden

Publisher: IGC / Kipp Kington (sold to Primedia in 1999)

Publisher: J.B. Publishing / William Woolfolk

Publisher: JHS Publications / Stephen Schneider

Publisher: Johnson Empire Inc. / Richard L. Johnson

Publisher: Kalmbach Publishing

Publisher: Luke Karosi

Publisher: Kimtex Corporation, also Magazine Publishing Services, or Rex Publishing / Lou Kimzey Sr.

Publisher: Kit Car Quarterly Inc. / Richard Kutner

Publisher: Frank and Fredi Kodl

Publisher: Koolhouse Publishing / Geno DiPol

Publisher: Krause Publications

Publisher: Aaron Lasky

Publisher: Mel L. Larson

Publisher: Michael Lee Productions

Publisher: Light Commercial Vehicle Association

Publisher: Lion Books Inc. / John Bentley

Publisher: Lopez Publications / Adrian Lopez

Publisher: Magazine Distributors International Circulation Corp / Robert F. Ames

Publisher: Magnum Publications / Irwin Stein

Publisher: Magnum-Royal Publications / Walter Zacharius

Publisher: McMullen Publishing, McMullen-Yee Publishing, or TRM Publications Inc.

Publisher: McMullen-Argus Publishing - SEE PRIMEDIA

Publisher: John Maurice

Publisher: Midget-Karting World / Jack Sauer

Publisher: M.M. Publishing Ltd

Publisher: MME Publishing / Jack W. Ries

Publisher: Modern Cycle Publishing Company/ Edward A. Schnepf

Publisher: Modern Day Periodicals/ Stanley R. Harris

Publisher: MORPAD Inc./ Patrick T. O'Rourke

Publisher: Motor Publications Inc. / Henry Scharf

Publisher: Motor Sport Publications / William Quinn

Publisher: Motor Trend Group, formerly TEN: The Enthusiast Network

Publisher: Midwest Drags Inc. (or Sport-Pix Illustrated)

Publisher: MPS Corporation - SEE Kimtex Corporation

Publisher: Murdoch Magazines

Publisher: Murphos Publishing

Publisher: Nathis Inc. / Antonio Giglio and Benjamin Howatz

Publisher: Natlus Inc. / Pat Lamar

Publisher: National Corvette Restorers Society (NCRS)

Publisher: National Street Rod Association

Publisher: Northwest Publishers / Peter Sukalac

Publisher: Fergus T. O'Connor

Publisher: OLM Publishing / Orlando Coca

Publisher: Paisano Publications /

Publisher: Park Avenue Publishing / Larry Gonzalez

Publisher: Parkhurst Publishing Co. / Joseph C. Parkhurt

Publisher: PBM Publishing Company / Bruce Miller and Bruce Craig

Publisher: Pelzer Publications / Jack Pelzer

Publisher: Pet Publications / Frank W. Coggins

Publisher: Petersen Publishing, Teen Publications, Motor Trend or EMAP-Petersen / Robert E. Petersen

Publisher: Pierce Publishing / Chuck Pierce

Publisher: Popular Library / Frank P. Lualdi

Publisher: Population Publications Inc. / Harry Egner

Publisher: Primedia, formerly K-III Inc. or K-III Communications Inc. (many issues below obtained through acquisitions and buy-outs)

Publisher: Prospect Publishing

Publisher: Publications International Ltd / Louis Weber

Publisher: Quicksilver Communications / Martyn L. Schorr

Publisher: Quinn Publishing Company / William Quinn

Publisher: Rajo Publications / Marvin Barab

Publisher: Rajo Publications / Joseph Hardie and Ray Kelly

Publisher: Ramblin House Publications / Gerry Burger

Publisher: Dan Roulston

Publisher: RHO Publications / Robert Oskiera

Publisher: The Rodder's Journal Inc / Steve Coonan

Publisher: Rosecrans Corporation / Scott Cochran and John C. Darrah

Publisher: Royal Publications / Irwin Stein

Publisher: SCI Publishing Inc / Tom Toldrian

Publisher: Richard Sherwin & Art Evans

Publisher: Shouse Publishing Co./ James E. Shouse

Publisher: SK Publishing/ Bill Cannon or Terry Cannon

Publisher: SMP Publishing Ltd./ Donald G. Typond

Publisher: Source Interlink Media, later rebranded to TEN: The Enthusiast Network. All titles purchased from Primedia in 2007

Publisher: Speed Age Publishing Company / Jack Pelzer

Publisher: Speed & Kulture LLC / Trent Sherrill

Publisher: Speed Sport Inc. / Henry Scharf

Publisher: Sports Car Club of America

Publisher: Sportscar Illustrated Inc. / Dale Naef and Frank Fittanto

Publisher: Tex Smith Publishing Company

Publisher: STA Publishing LLC / Dan Leadbetter

Publisher: Scott Stevens Publications

Publisher: Street Low Publishing / Gilbert Chavez

Publisher: Super Ford Parts Exchange, or Super Ford Magazine

Publisher: TAM Communications

Publisher: Topaz Associates / Robert Topaz

Publisher: Twentieth Century Publications / Jack Pelzer

Publisher: Universal Publishing and Distributing Corp

Publisher: U.S. Auto Sports / Larry Tomaras - SEE Auto Sports

Publisher: Vans Illustrated Publishing / Joseph Fraticelli

Publisher: VerticalScope / Rob Laidlaw

Publisher: Vette Vues / James Prather

Publisher: Vintage Corvette Club of America / Ed Thiebaud

Publisher: Vintage Press / Bill Buxton

Publisher: Wizzard Publishing / Gregory Stokesberry

Publisher: Wright Publishing Co. / Jim Wright

Publisher: Y-Visionary Publishing / Chris Yee

Publisher: Ziff-Davis