Kit Car Quarterly was initially published quarterly by Richard M. Kutner and his Kit Car Quarterly Inc. organization. It appears Mr. Kutner had worked for Auto Logic Publications in San Jose, California. Auto Logic and Mr. Kutner had published early kit car books and the Kit Car Monthly Newsletter from 1980 to sometime in 1982. However, a small staff all worked in the same small office and contributed to these book and magazine endeavors.

The title was sold to McMullen Publishing sometime in early 1985, and the last issue by Mr. Kutner was in Winter, 1985. The Spring, 1985 issue was the first to display the McMullen logo on the cover. The title was then changed to Kit Car Illustrated with the June, 1985 issue.

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The publisher did NOT provide circulation data to N.W. Ayer.

A total of 6 issues was printed from 1982 or 1983 through Spring, 1985. All cover images are complete.

Kit Car Quarterly 1983 Vol 1 No 1
1983 Vol 1 No 1
Kit Car Quarterly Summer 1983 Vol 1 No 2
Summer 1983 Vol 1 No 2
Kit Car Quarterly Fall 1983 Vol 1 No 3
Fall 1983 Vol 1 No 3
Kit Car Quarterly 1984 Vol 1 No 4
Winter 1984 Vol 1 No 4
Kit Car Quarterly Winter 1985
Winter 1985 Vol 2 No 1
Kit Car Quarterly Spring 1985
Spring 1985 Vol 2 No 2
Last issue b/4 title change