Traditional Kustoms was created by John Maurice and Carrie Brown in Los Angeles, California. Both shared publishing duties, and Mr. Maurice also handled social media and marketing duties. The magazine was dedicated to kustoms built in styles from the '40s, '50s, and early-'60s. It was by subscription only, printed on heavy paper stock in the "little pages" or digest-sized format, was 60-plus pages, and had minimal advertising.

Like other publishers, this title is one using a refined approach to publishing as print formats were on life-support while social media was ascending. The publishers used social media to generate interest in print subscriptions and provide access to more content.

The table of contents, if available, can be seen by clicking on the icon.

The publishers did NOT provide net paid circulation data.

There were 10 issues printed from late August, 2014 through June, 2016. Cover images are complete for this title, and we are still seeking table of content pages.

The magazine was launched with a website and Facebook presence. The website www.traditionalkustoms.com is now defunct, but the Facebook page is still active.

Traditional Kustoms Aug August 2014
Aug 2014 Issue #1
Traditional Kustoms Oct October 2014
Oct 2014 Issue #2
Traditional Kustoms Dec December 2014
Dec 2014 Issue #3
Traditional Kustoms Feb February 2015
Feb 2015 Issue #4
Traditional Kustoms Apr April 2015
Apr 2015 Issue #5
Traditional Kustoms Jun June 2015
June 2015 Issue #6
Traditional Kustoms Aug August 2015
Aug 2015 Issue #7
Traditional Kustoms Oct October 2015
Oct 2015 Issue #8
Traditional Kustoms Dec December 2015
Dec 2015 Issue #9
Traditional Kustoms Jun June 2016
June 2016 Issue #10
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