Project Car was published by Primedia and was a spin-off from Super Street. The title focused on import tuner customization. The basic premise was to feature project vehicles purchased and enhanced for performance by the do-it-yourselfer in the owner's driveway. It typically featured Japanese imports but also affordable foreign and domestic non-JDM vehicles such as the Ford Focus, Chevy Cavalier, VW Golf and Saturn SC2. The editor's goal was to keep things reasonable and on a "real world" budget. This often proved difficult.

The early print versions typically highlighted three project vehicles per issue, but given print production schedules and pressures this was gradually reduced to one project feature and a brief summary of a second one.

One of the strong positives was the in-depth, step-by-step installation of bolt-on performance parts. This included detailed photographs and information on each tool used. Sometimes these instructions were so detailed they read like a Haynes technical manual. The writers were honest about problems encountered and parts prices (ignoring that some parts were free from manufacturers), and the writers and installers infused humor and snarky comments throughtout their builds.

The first editor was Ricky Chu, but with his departure the second editor was Gary Narusuwa. The writers and editors were often criticized for poor editing, and multiple writers contributed to each article creating inconsistent writing styles.

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Although it was started by Primedia, after four issues this title and others were sold to Source Interlink Media in 2007. Source Interlink Media was struggling financially prior to its demise in 2014, and this title was eliminated with content folded into Super Street.

The publisher did not provide circulation data to Oxbridge Communication's The Standard Periodical Directory.

A total of 24 issues was printed from Winter, 2006 through Fall, 2012. All images are complete except Spring, 2008.

The site is now defunct: www.projectcarmag.com.

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