Chevy Power was published by Engeldrum Publishing, Bronx, NY. The editor and publisher was Phil Engeldrum, who had previously edited Super Stockers magazine before starting his own publishing company. The focus of Chevy Power was on street performance and competition classes for Chevrolet vehicles, mostly Corvettes, Camaros and Chevelles. It was densely packed with performance tips, performance part numbers and product details.

Mr. Engeldrum had a business partner, Pat Cunningham. Both had gone to high school and New York University together. And both shared a love of drag racing on the streets of Brooklyn and the Bronx. Phil started his own company in 1967, and Pat joined him to sell ads.

In his new company, Engeldrum started High Performance Stockers and Super Street Cars. He added Hot Cars in 1968 and dropped High Performance Stockers. Then, Engeldrum re-titled Super Street Cars as Chevy Power in late 1972.

Chevy Power was a magazine with East Coast attitude!! The editor's goal was to fill the information and entertainment needs of all Chevrolet owners. He featured car owners, the so-called "little guys", who Engeldrum considered the backbone of drag racing. No funny or fuel cars, and God forbid Engeldrum would feature "Brand X" vehicles from Chrysler or Ford. Letters to the editor from anyone other than a Chevy owner were immediately dismissed. This intense focus on a specific audience was matched with biting humor and road tests or product comparisons by the famous Seymour Balz, a fictional character and persona of Pat Cunningham. Great value for $1.00 and 100 pages of content!

Mr. Engeldrum took a distinct approach to the magazine numbering scheme. He might include the typical volume and serial number, but more significantly Engeldrum used a sequential numbering scheme that was interpersed across four titles - Hot Cars, High Performance Stockers, Super Street Cars and Chevy Power. For example, issue number 45 would be Super Street Cars, number 46 would be Chevy Power, and number 47 would be Hot Cars.

Mr. Engeldrum developed an interest in guns in the early 1980s and in parallel began publishing titles including Pistolero (1980 to 1990), Handgun Tests (1979 to 1992), Magnum Power (1980 to 1982), Pistol Power (1982), Assault Weapons (1981), Exotic Weapons (1982), and Concealed Handguns (1983).

Starting in 1983 or so, Mr. Engeldrum began transferring ownership of Chevy Power to Mr. Cunningham. Engeldrum moved to California and was the west coast sales branch as Mr. Cunningham took over the operation. By 1985, Mr. Engeldrum had completely phased out, and, unfortunately, so did the frequency of publication for Chevy Power and Hot Cars.

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Because of the unique numbering scheme, it is difficult to determine the exact number of issues. However, we estimate there were 44 issues printed from October, 1972 through June, 1987 under both owners. All cover images are complete.

Chevy Power Oct October 1972
Oct 1972 Nbr 44
Chevy Power Dec December 1972
Dec 1972 Nbr 46
Chevy Power Apr April 1973
Apr 1973 Nbr 48
Chevy Power June 1973
June 1973 Nbr 50
Chevy Power Sept September 1973
Sept 1973 Nbr 52
Chevy Power Nov November 1973
Nov 1973 Nbr 54
Chevy Power Jan January February Feb 1974
Jan/Feb 1974 Nbr 56
Chevy Power Apr April 1974
Apr 1974 Nbr 57
Chevy Power June 1974
June 1974 Nbr 59
Chevy Power Sept September 1974
Sept 1974 Nbr 61
Chevy Power Nov November 1974
Nov 1974 Nbr 63
Chevy Power Feb February 1975
Feb 1975 Nbr 65
Chevy Power Apr April 1975
Apr 1975 Nbr 66
Chevy Power June 1975
June 1975 Nbr 68
Chevy Power Sept September 1975
Sept 1975 Nbr 70
Chevy Power Nov November 1975
Nov 1975 Nbr 72
Chevy Power Mar March 1976
Mar 1976 Nbr 74
Chevy Power Apr April 1976
Apr 1976 Nbr 75
Chevy Power June 1976
June 1976 Nbr 77
Chevy Power Aug August 1976
Aug 1976 Nbr 79
Chevy Power Dec December 1976
Dec 1976 Nbr 83
Chevy Power Feb February 1977
Feb 1977 Nbr 84
Chevy Power Apr April 1977
Apr 1977 Nbr 85
Chevy Power June 1977
June 1977 Nbr 87
Chevy Power Aug August 1977
Aug 1977 Nbr 90
Chevy Power Oct October 1977
Oct 1977 Nbr 91
Chevy Power Nov November 1977
Nov 1977 Nbr 92
Chevy Power Jan January 1978
Jan 1978 Nbr 93
Chevy Power Mar March 1978
Mar 1978 Nbr 94
Chevy Power May 1978
May 1978 Nbr 95
Chevy Power July 1978
July 1978 Nbr 96
Chevy Power Oct October 1978
Oct 1978 Nbr 97
Chevy Power Nov November 1978
Nov 1978 Nbr 98
Chevy Power Mar March 1979
Mar 1979 Nbr 99
Chevy Power June 1980
June 1980 Nbr 100
Chevy Power Mar March 1981
Mar 1981 Nbr 101
Chevy Power June 1981
June 1981 Nbr 102
Chevy Power Oct October 1978
Oct 1981 Nbr 103
Chevy Power Mar March 1982
Mar 1982 Nbr 104
Chevy Power Mar March 1983
Mar 1983 Nbr 105
Last Engledrum
Chevy Power Summer 1985
Summer 1985 Nbr 111
Chevy Power Dec December 1985
Dec 1985 Nbr 113
Chevy Power Mar March 1986
March 1986 Nbr 115
Chevy Power June 1987
June 1987 Nbr 201
Last Known Issue