BLVD was created by Lonnie Lopez, a former editor at Lowrider magazine. It was a slick, high quality magazine featuring domestic cars, euro cars, trucks, SUVs, and bikes. The publisher wanted to emphasize lowrider vehicles found on the streets, highlighting the craftsmanship and commmitment to the culture and lowriding community. The magazine was unique in that it featured bilinqual editorials, plenty of technical content, in-depth articles on people behind the cars and clubs, and extremely attractive models. With a tag line, "A New Generation of Custom Automobiles" and a rallying cry of "let's ride!", the magazine was sadly short-lived.

The table of contents, if available, can be seen by clicking on the icon.

The publishers did NOT provide net paid circulation data.

There were 9 issues printed from late 2002 through August, 2004. Cover images are complete for this title. We apologize for the poor condition of some images, but this title is rare making it hard to find quality images.

The magazine was launched with a website, and the website is now defunct: www.blvdmagazine.com.

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