VW Trends is a fairly new title published quarterly by STA Publishing LLC. Patterned after the first VW Trends published from 1976 to 2005, this new version wonderfully resurrects the charm and content of the original title. It was started by Dan Leadbetter and funded using crowdsourcing. Other key staff include Rich Crafton, Paul Morton, Ron Petro, Beckyjo Ritter and Jason Smith.

Publisher-provided print volume data are NOT available at this time.

A total of 9 issues has been printed so far since the magazine restarted in 2021. All cover images are complete through Summer 2023, and more images will be added as they are printed.

The website was created in 2020, and the address is www.vwtrendsmagazine.com.

VW Trends Spring 2021
Spring 2021 Vol 1 No 1
VW Trends Summer 2021
Summer 2021 Vol 1 No 2
VW Trends Fall 2021
Fall 2021 Vol 1 No 3
VW Trends Spring 2022
Spring 2022 Vol 1 No 4
VW Trends Summer 2022
Summer 2022 Vol 2 No 1
VW Trends Fall 2022
Fall 2022 Vol 2 No 2
VW Trends Winter 2022
Fall 2022 Vol 2 No 3
VW Trends Spring 2023
Spring 2023 Vol 2 No 4
VW Trends Summer 2023
Summer 2023 Vol 3 No 1