Street Vans was published by 110 Fillmore Corp in Centerport, New York. The publisher was Phil Engeldrum, who had previously started Super Stockers, High Performance Stockers and Chevy Power magazines. The editor was Lee Kelley.

Introduced at the start of the "van craze" first featured in Hot Rod in the early 1970s, a slew of magazines emerged to cover this fad. Engeldrum was an early entrant with two titles - this one and Vans & Trucks.

The magazine was largely undifferentiaterd but had equal parts content with both feature vans and how-to tips. The how-to articles covered all aspects of what you need to customize a van -- interiors, painting, air-brushing, sound systems, glass etching, sinks, refrigerators and bubble windows.

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A total of 17 issues was produced from September, 1976 through July, 1979. All cover images are complete. We apologize for the less than ideal quality of some cover images. These are relatively rare magazines, and good quality images are hard to find.

Street Vans September 1976
Sept '76 Number 1
Street Vans November 1976
Nov '76 Number 2
Street Vans January 1977
Jan '77 Number 3
Street Vans April 1977
Apr '77 Number 4
Street Vans June 1977
June '77 Number 5
Street Vans August 1977
August '77 Number 6
Street Vans October 1977
Oct '77 Number 7
Street Vans December 1977
Dec '77 Number 8
Street Vans March 1978
Mar '78 Number 9
Street Vans May 1978
May '78 Number 10
Street Vans July 1978
July '78 Number 11
Street Vans September 1978
Sept '78 Number 12
Street Vans November 1978
Nov '78 Number 13
Street Vans January 1979
Jan '79 Number 14
Street Vans March 1979
Mar '79 Number 15
Street Vans April 1979
Apr '79 Number 16
Street Vans July 1979
July '79 Number 17
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