Rodder's Journal was started in the Fall, 1994 by Steve Coonan in Wallingford, CT, and it is still published as of 2023. The print magazine is high quality in all aspects and similar to what might be found in high-end coffee table books. Besides the extensive history of traditional hot rods, customs and vintage drag racing, the title features exceptional photography and writing. Many highly talented individuals contributed content and editing including Mr. Coonan, Pat Ganahl, Ken Gross, Jay Fitzhugh, Greg Sharp, Joe Kress, Ray Bartlett, C. Meade Baldwin, Tony Thacker, Thom Taylor, and many others.

Mr. Coonan shifted publishing to Huntington Beach, California for issues #10 through #19. Issues #20 through #81 were published in South San Francisco. And, finally, publishing shifted to Ashland, Virginia in 2019 starting with issue #82.

Rodder's Journal is printed with "A" and "B" cover images. The "A" covers are found on newstands, while the "B" issues are sent to paid subscribers. This is a distinct feature, encourages subscriptions and increases collectibility.

Our website is primarily focused on older magazines and history, so we rarely include titles that are still in print. However, we have included Rodder's Journal because of the strong contribution to automotive history and the quality of the publication. And, a big thank you to Mr. Jim Barnhart who helped us with missing covers.

UPDATE: with the release of issue #85 in Summer, 2022, publishing is now done out of Denton, Maryland. The same business partners are involved, including Ray and Terri Bartlett, Meade Baldwin Jr., and John Mumford.

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There is no publisher-provided print volume data available at this time.

A total of 84 issues has been printed from Fall, 1994 through Fall, 2019. Each issue has both an "A" and "B" cover, and all cover images are complete.