This magazine has its roots in a magazine started in 1999 by Petersen Publishing called Hot Rod Deluxe. After two annual issues in 1999 and 2000, EMAP-Petersen cancelled the title.

The original editor, Aaron Lasky, had positioned the title so readers could connect with the roots of hot rodding by featuring basic, traditional hot rods and customs. He took his experience and created Car Kulture Deluxe. The new title was a quarterly magazine, and Mr. Lasky published twelve issues. Content included classic hot rods, reader's vehicles, cool products, music and bands. It was an all inclusive lifestyle magazine for rodders.

In late 2005, Mr. Laskey sold the title to Koolhouse Publishing. The new publisher was Geno DiPol. The acquisition was put into a separate company, and Mr. DiPol committed to a bi-monthly publication. His operation was in Florida, but at some point it was moved to Jesup, Georgia. The sequential numbering scheme continued from Mr. Lasky's ownership.

Car Kulture Deluxe is now published by Murphos Publishing which purchased the title in April, 2019. Murphos also owns Ol' Skool Rodz, and both sister publications are produced bi-monthly in alternate months. Both publications are produced from Buda, Texas. CKD has expanded coverage for the lifestyle aspects of retro-rodding, where Ol' Skool Rodz is now a straight-up hot rod and custom magazine.

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Although this title is still published, we have only included images through 2020.

An internet presence was created and the URL referenced on the front covers starting in 2006. The website is: www.ckdeluxe.com