Sports Cars and Hot Rods was created by the editors of Mechanix Illustrated and published by Fawcett in New York City. This team also created one-shot (annual) magazines such as Best Hot Rods. It was a standard sized format with a wide range of cars, engines, suspensions, brakes and drive trains. Midget car content was also included. The editor was John Kingdon, and only two issues were published.

In historical context, the early to mid-1950s was a period where sports car racing was exploding in popularity. Besides racing hopped-up foreign cars such as Porsches, MGs, etc., a number of American hot rodders used foreign and domestic vehicles, U.S. powerplants and rodding skills to build "specials". There were so many road racing specials built that there is no definite idea as to how many were made. But well-known handbuilt racers included Briggs Cunningham's BuMerc, Stropes Kurtis 500S, the Cadillac-powered Glasspar, the Tatum GM Special, the Duesenberg Ford, and many others. All used American components and ingenuity.

So Sports Cars and Hot Rods briefly captured this amalgamation of modified vehicles, U.S. performance parts and hot-rodding skills to make sports car specials.

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Sports Cars Hot Rods Oct October 1953
Oct 1953 Vol 1 No 1
Sports Cars Hot Rods Dec December 1953
Dec 1953 Vol 1 No 2