Speed Age magazine from 1969 was a re-titling of Drag Strip magazine.   It was an attempt by Rex Publishing to pivot from drag racing and resurrect the motorsport focus and brand of the original Speed Age started in 1947.  But it only lasted for a short period from May until December, 1969.

The magazine was a full-size monthly publication.  Numbering continued from its predecessor.

Speed Age was owned by Lou Kimzey Sr.  He operated under different company names including Rex Publishing, Magazine Publishing Services, or Kimtex Corporation.  In the 1950s, Mr Kimzey published DIG magazine, and in the 1960s published teen and adult titles including Cavalier, Teenville, Black Belt and Teenset.  And in June, 1971 he started Easyriders, the first biker lifestyle magazine.   Mr. Kimzey died in 1997 in Los Angeles.

A total of 8 issues were printed from May, 1969 through December, 1969.  Magazine cover images are complete for this title.

Speed Age May 1969
May 1969 Vol 5 No 12
Last issue w/ co-titling
Speed Age June 1969
June 1969 Vol 6 No 1
Speed Age July 1969
July 1969 Vol 6 No 2
Speed Age Aug August 1969
Aug 1969 Vol 6 No 3
Speed Age Sept September 1969
Sept 1969 Vol 6 No 4
Speed Age Oct October 1969
Oct 1969 Vol 6 No 5
Speed Age Nov November 1969
Nov 1969 Vol 6 No 6
Speed Age Dec December 1969
Dec 1969 Vol 6 No 7
Last known issue