Very little is known about Arden Communications, and we have only found them in the early to mid 1980s. The publisher was John McCluskey, and editors, who changed between issues, included Roger Huntington, Tyrone Thomas, and Thomas Segnit. They were published using a Post Office Box in Mt Kisco, New York.

As a side note, the table of content pages for issues #1 and #2 are strikingly similar in format to Magnum Publication's Hi-Performance Cars issues. There may be a connection we cannot see at this time.

The table of contents can be seen by clicking on the icon.

1982 Car Action Number 1
1982 Nbr 1
1982 Street Machine Hop-Ups Number 1
1982 Nbr 1
1982 Custom Cruisers Number 1
1982 Nbr 1
1983 Car Action Number 2
1983 Nbr 2
1984 Car Action Number 3
1984 Nbr 3