Speed Cars Boats Planes - Magazine Covers - 1954 to 1955

Speed Cars Boats Planes was another short-lived magazine covering speed in many forms.  It was published  monthly by JB Publishing in New York City. 

The publishing company was started by William (Bill) Woolfolk and John B. Musacchia.  Bill was a comic book writer (many on the East coast who jumped into hot rod magazines in the 1950s had comic book backgrounds), and he wrote Captain Marvel and Blackhawk comics.  He also wrote The Defenders for television.  John was a comic book illustrator and writer. 

Besides their own titles, JB Publishing was a distributor for Kable News Company which produced four pocket-sized (tiny) magazines (4-1/4" by 5-3/4"), including Quick (a smaller version of Look), Steed (for car enthusiasts) and Tops

Speed magazine used the same pocket-sized format; it cost $.15 and was 66 pages.  Topics included hot rods, jet airplanes, and various racing boats.  Only five issues were published before Woolfolk left to join Kable News as a publisher in 1955.

Nov 1954 Vol 1 No 1 Dec 1954 Vol 1 No 2 Feb 1955 Vol 1 No 3 Mar 1955 Vol 1 No 4
Apr 1955 Vol 1 No 5      


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