Classic & Kustom Bombs was a short-lived title published by Teresita Ignacio and the Bombsmagazine.com organization. The editor in chief and driving force for this title was Steven Caudillo. Content focused on American cars made after WWII but before 1954. These cars, called "bombs", were heavily customized in the lowrider or kustom style. Printed on high-quality, heavy-stock paper, it featured stunning photography and attractive models dressed in period clothing from the 1940s and 1950s. The magazine was largely photographs with minimal captions and text. Each issue would highlight almost two dozen cars and an equal number of car shows, fundraisers and club gatherings. Advertising was minimized but artfully incorporated into page layout. There was minimal if any technical articles.

Bombs was launched in 2014, a decade into a heavy period of publishing mergers and acquisitions, and it was the same year when print magazines ended production more frequently. Competition was fierce against Lowrider, many other kustom magazine upstarts, and the expanding content on the internet.

Mr. Caudillo studied journalism at California State University, had owned a custom car business, and indicated he had been in the magazine publishing business since 1978. He surrounded himself with an outstanding team that included Mitzi Valenzuela, his Chief Photographer.

His dream was to expand distribution and coverage beyond California and Texas, and he also sought to expand internationally. He sadly died in May, 2019 before realizing his goal. Issue #9 is the last one of Steve's work.

The table of contents, if available, can be seen by clicking on the icon.

The publishers did NOT provide net paid circulation data.

There were 9 issues printed from Jan/Feb 2014 through Summer, 2018. Cover images are complete through issue #9. Back in 2022, the active Facebook page indicated that work had begun on issue #10. We have not found it, but if anyone has a copy please contact us using the email address on the MISSING page.

The magazine had a companion website, www.bombsmagazine.com, and site content is stale.
But the Bombs' Facebook page is active and has recent posts.

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