Drag Sport was published by Michael Ferrara and Hard Media Inc. It was intended as a National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) style magazine, like National Dragster but geared to import racing events and technical tips. It was also a platform for the Import Drag Racing Circuit (IDRC).

Mr. Ferrara began his career in 1994 with Turbo & Hi-Tech Performance magazine. In 1998, he and other racers, manufacturers and tuners organized the IDRC and held racing events. Other racing event organizers at the time included the Import Drag Racing Association (IDRA) and the National Import Racing Association (NIRA). All were working to establish pro events. After lots of competitive jockeying with the IDRA, NIRA, NHRA and Primedia, the IDRC team decided to support racers with its own publication entitled Drag Sport. They targeted distribution intially to 1,000 import tuning shops.

After being left "holding the bag" by Auto Trader in January 2003 for $290,000 in sponsorship and prize money payouts, the team chose to avoid bankruptcy and put up personal assets to pay the racers for both the 2002 and 2003 seasons. Part of this strategy involved pivoting to more street performance content in their magazine, and this led to a re-titling in February, 2004 to DSport. This new title became a huge success and has outlasted many titles in this category.

A unique dimension of this title and its successor DSport was the use of "A" and "B" cover images. Remember the phrase, "B for beauty". "B" covers included close-ups of the feature models, while the "A" covers showed more of the vehicle. It is uncertain if this convention was used for all issues or only for select issues. However, we have included both covers as we find them.

More on the fascinating history of these two titles is here.

The table of contents, if available, can be seen by clicking on the icon.

The publisher provided some data to The Standard Periodical Directory for 2005 only, but circulation data was reported as zero.

A total of 13 issues was printed from September, 2002 through January, 2004. There is either one or two images for each month depending on our ability to find "A" and "B" cover images.

The site is now defunct: www.dragsport.com.

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Drag Sport Sept Oct September October 2002
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