Rod Action Yearbook was an annual publication by Challenge Publications in Canoga Park, California. Challenge Publications was owned by Edward Schnepf, and the company produced Rod Action, Air Classics, Sea Classics and other boating and airplane titles.

This title covered the best of the parent magazine's features and content, and editors included the famous Tex Smith, J. Neal East and Joe Mayall. Mr. Smith later formed Hot Rod Mechanix in 1987, and Mr. Mayall left Rod Action in 1978 to join StreetScene as the long term editor.

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A total of 4 issues was printed from 1975 through 1978, then 3 additional issues were printed from 1984 through 1986. All cover images are complete, but issues in the gap period may exist but at this point have not been found.

Rod Action Yearbook 1975 Number 1
1975 Number 1
Rod Action Yearbook 1976 Number 2
1976 Number 2
Rod Action Yearbook 1977 Number 3
1977 Number 3
Rod Action Yearbook 1978 Number 4
1978 Number 4
Rod Action Yearbook 1984
Rod Action Yearbook 1985
Rod Action Yearbook 1986