Volkswagen Classics was published by Petersen Publishing. Hot rodders loved the VW platform. This title had feature cars, technical articles, customizing tips and occasionally a profile on a new Volkswagen model. Lee Kelley was the publisher and editorial director, and Ron Cogan was the editor.

The magazine was started as an annual or semi-annual publication in 1981. Like many titles in their early years, it switched to quarterly and then to six times per year. Content focused on performance VWs and included a big dollop of classic bugs with sprinkles of Jettas, Rabbits and the Karmann Ghias.

Petersen was a late entrant to this performance VW magazine space and competed against established titles like Hot VWs, VW & Porsche and VW Trends.

A total of 10 issues was printed from 1981 through August, 1984. All cover images are complete.

Volkswagen Classics 1981 Number 1
1981 #1
Volkswagen Classics 1982 Number 2
1982 #2
Volkswagen Classics 1982 Number 3
1982 #3
Volkswagen Classics Spring 1983
1983 Spring Vol 1 No 1
Volkswagen Classics Summer 1983
1983 Summer Vol 1 No 2
Volkswagen Classics Fall 1983
1983 Fall Vol 1 No 3
Volkswagen Classics Winter 1983
1983 Winter Vol 1 No 4
Volkswagen Classics Apr April 1984
Apr 1984
Volkswagen Classics Jun June 1984
June 1984
Volkswagen Classics Aug August 1984
August 1984
Last known issue