Cars and Clubs was a digest-sized ("little") magazine started by John Hall in Bloomington, MN. The editor was Ron Johnson (from Minneapolis), and the technical editor was Bill McDonald. Mr Hall wanted to create a regional magazine covering hot rod, customs and drag racing. With Minnesota as the center, the magazine reviewed clubs, hot rods, car shows, racing events and customs in Indiana, Kansas, and the Dakotas. The tag line for the magazine was "Owned and Operated by Hotrodders", and it sold for $.25.

The table of contents, if available, can be seen by clicking on the icon.

The publisher did not provide paid circulation data to N.W. Ayer.

A total of 14 issues was printed from May, 1958 through July, 1959. All cover images are complete, but we are still collecting tables of contents pages.

Cars and Clubs May 1958
May 1958 Vol 1 No 1
Cars and Clubs June 1958
June 1958 Vol 1 No 2
Cars and Clubs July 1958
July 1958 Vol 1 No 3
Cars and Clubs Aug August 1958
Aug 1958 Vol 1 No 4
Cars and Clubs Sept September 1958
Sept 1958 Vol 1 No 5
Cars and Clubs Oct October 1958
Oct 1958 Vol 1 No 6
Cars and Clubs Nov November 1958
Nov 1958 Vol 1 No 7
Cars and Clubs Dec December 1958
Dec 1958 Vol 1 No 8
Cars and Clubs Jan January 1959
Jan 1959 Vol 1 No 9
Cars and Clubs Mar March 1959
Mar 1959 Vol 1 No 10
Cars and Clubs Apr April 1959
Apr 1959 Vol 1 No 11
Cars and Clubs May 1959
May 1959 Vol 1 No 12
Cars and Clubs June 1959
June 1959 Vol 2 No 1
Cars and Clubs July 1959
July 1959 Vol 2 No 2
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