Vans Illustrated magazine was produced by Vans Illustrated Publishing in New York. The publishers were Joseph T. Fraticelli, Jack Tabatch and Abe Gaskin. The editorial offices were in Montreal, and the editor was Arlene Stein.

After two issues, Mr. Fraticelli dropped from the publisher ranks, the new business name was Can-Am Publishing, the title became Illustrated Vans, and the numbering scheme changed. The third and final issue had a new cover but contents appears to be identical to the second issue.

This title was launched when the number of van-dedicated titles was exploding. Although the publishers had a goal of quarterly publication, it appears the title was short-lived.

The table of contents, if available, can be seen by clicking on the icon.

The publisher did NOT provide net paid circulation data to N.W. Ayer.

Only 3 issues have been found from 1976. All cover images are complete.

Vans Illustrated 1976 Number 1
1976 Number 1
Vans Illustrated 1976 Number 2
1976 Number 2
Vans Illustrated 1976 Vol 1 No 2
1976 Vol 1 No 2