A re-titling of Karting Sport magazine, Racing Karts was published monthly by Rajo Publications in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was a digest- or trade-sized format with content focused on kart racing. The publishers were Joseph Hardie and Raymond Kelly, who published several automotive titles including Speed Mechanics and Custom Craft.

After ten issues were printed, the title was changed to Hot Cars and Racing Karts.

The publisher provided net paid circulation data to N.W. Ayer's compendium for 1962 through 1964. Reported circulation was 60,600 print issues annually.

Racing Karts May 1961
May 1961 No 77
Racing Karts June 1961
June 1961 No 78
Racing Karts July 1961
July 1961 No 79
Racing Karts Aug August 1961
Aug 1961 No 80
Racing Karts Sept September 1961
Sept 1961 No 81
Racing Karts Oct October 1961
Oct 1961 No 82
Racing Karts Nov November 1961
Nov 1961 No 83
Racing Karts Dec December 1961
Dec 1961 No 84
Racing Karts Feb February 1962
Feb 1962 No 85
Racing Karts Apr April 1962
Apr 1962 No 86
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