GTO Enthusiast was created by George Ellis in 1991.  It was published from a small office off the Grand Central Parkway in Queens, New York. Described as a magazine of and by the people who love Pontiac GTOs, it contained feature articles, technical tips, photos of "Goats", and information for the enthusiast.

Mr. Ellis had previously worked for CSK Publishing on its High Performance Pontiac (HPP) title.  After George left CSK Publishing, he decided to tackle a GTO-focused title. No other publisher wanted to try this. But with the support of Dennis Kirban, Purely PMD and many GTOAA and POCI club chapters, Mr Ellis got 300 subscribers at $25 per year. The first issue was released in January, 1991.

It takes a fair amount of chutzpah to start a make and model specific title on a shoestring. Money for advertising was limited, and Mr Ellis needed about 1,800 subscribers to hit breakeven. After three issues, he decided to only print the next issue when 150 additional subscribers signed up. It's clear that after 7 issues, he had not reached the breakeven point.

In 1993, Mr Ellis then joined Don Keefe, a former HPP senior editor, and together they created Pontiac Enthusiast.

The table of contents, if available, can be seen by clicking on the icon.

A total of 7 issues was printed from January, 1991 through early 1992. All cover images and table of content pages are complete. This is a very rare title, so we are pleased to obtain these images from Mr. Jim Barnhart.

GTO Enthusiast Jan January 1991
Jan 1991 Vol 1 No 1
GTO Enthusiast Feb February 1991
Feb 1991 Vol 1 No 2
GTO Enthusiast Mar March 1991
Mar 1991 Vol 1 No 3
GTO Enthusiast Vol 1 No 4 1991
1991 Vol 1 No 4
GTO Enthusiast Vol 1 No 5 1991
1991 Vol 1 No 5
GTO Enthusiast Vol 1 No 6 1991
1991 Vol 1 No 6
GTO Enthusiast 1992 Vol 2 No 1
1992 Vol 2 No 1
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