High Performance Pontiac was published by Stephen Schneider. It is a re-titling of TA Magazine and was focused on Pontiac performance vehicles both from the muscle car era (1950s through 1970s) as well as more modern products from the manufacturer.

The publishing company was JHS Publications in both Hackensack and Saddle Brook, New Jersey. Editors included R. George Ellis and Don Keefe. Both gentlemen also created or edited GTO Enthusiast and Pontiac Enthusiast.

In the 35 years of print production, the editors and staff rode a wave of changes as the title moved through various new owners:

The publisher provided net paid circulation data to Gale Research and The Standard Periodical Directory from 1983 through 2005 (the last year for which we have data). Annual print production ranged from 77,000 to 104,000 with an average of 78,900 issues.

A total of 275 issues was printed from August, 1982 through October, 2014. All images are complete.