Northwest Vintage Tin was the creation of Bill Buxton, a Northwest native from Seattle who was the publisher and editor. When Mr. Buxton left the Navy in the 1970s, he purchased a '35 Chevy sedan as a street rod project (which he still owns today!!). As he worked on the car, he realized the lack of good information and resources for his project.

He conceived a new magazine to be positioned between local club newsletters and the national publications that had little Northwest coverage and advertisers. He instinctively knew the magazine needed coverage of regional and local events, a club contact list, a calendar of events, and advertising from local businesses. Thus was born a Northwest magazine for street rodders and lovers of old cars.

Being new to magazine publishing, Buxton had the help of fellow street rodders such as Kelly Smith (graphic designer who also knew layout), Steve Munch (who knew about printing), and more than 150 content providers such as George Bennett and Dick Page. The magazine was published in Bellevue, Washington, and it was launched in June, 1983 at the All GM Picnic in Graham, Washington. During rain showers, people crowded into his tent and bought the new magazine "like mad"!

Each issue had between 48 to 54 pages, and Mr. Buxton printed about two issues per year. Most covers were in black and white due to expensive color printing costs. This was just before magazine production was revolutionized with desktop publishing technology. The first 4-color cover came near the end with issue number 15.

Subscriptions to the magazine increased over its life to more than 2,000, and it sold well in small rod shops and speciality parts stores. But retail sales were a problem due to a lack of a reliable newstand distributor or access to large automotive retailers. As Cruzin' magazine gained a cost advantage due to its lower printing costs and broader advertising base, it brought an end to Northwest Vintage Tin.

Mr. Buxton went on to establish an advertising and graphic design agency which he operated for 25 years.

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The publisher did NOT provide net paid circulation data to either N.W. Ayer or Gale Research. But according to Mr. Buxton, print runs varied between 3,000 and 4,000 with each issue.

A total of 17 issues were printed from Summer, 1983 through 1990. The magazine cover images are complete, and we are still collecting table of content pages.

Northwest Vintage Tin Summer 1983
Summer '83 Vol 1 No 1
Northwest Vintage Tin Fall 1983
Fall '83 Vol 1 No 2
Northwest Vintage Tin Winter 1984
Winter '84 Vol 2 No 1
Northwest Vintage Tin Summer 1984
Summer '84 Vol 2 No 2
Northwest Vintage Tin Fall 1984
Fall '84 Vol 2 No 3
Northwest Vintage Tin Number 6
Number 6
Northwest Vintage Tin Number 7
Number 7
Northwest Vintage Tin Number 8
Number 8
Northwest Vintage Tin Number 9
Number 9
Northwest Vintage Tin Number 10
Number 10
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Number 11
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Number 12
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Number 13
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Number 14
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Number 15
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Number 16
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Number 17
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