Tailgate was published by Paisano Publications and publisher Joe Teresi. It was a glossy, male-oriented lifestyle magazine focused on custom trucks. In the beginning it was published six times per year, but in 2006 it went to four time per year.

Tailgate specifically was focused on 18 to 45 year old males using a Maxim magazine style approach. It turned out that 70% of Maxim readers owned trucks, so it made sense from a marketing perspective. Content was best summarized by the heading at the top of each issue, "Events, Trucks, Cool Stuff, Products, Hotties and Beeeeer". It included an irreverent writing style, quality photography and a sense of humor that matched the targeted lifestyle.

Tailgate had its roots in the motorcycle magazine Easyriders. The three paisanos who founded it -- Joe Teresi, Lou Kimzey and Mil Blair -- produced a unique magazine in 1970 that was biker lifestyle driven and included irreverent humor and madcap content. Mr. Teresi recognized that most motorcyle (and even car) magazines focused more on the vehicles and technology, but no one covered the people who loved these machines. So Easyriders showcased the people who rode custom bikes and their wild lifestyle. When sexy images or tattoos were added, sales shot through the roof.

This formula proved successful for Paisano Publication in various adult lifestyle or sub-culture oriented automotive magazines such as American Rodder and Rebel Rodz. It also worked very well for the core part of Paisano's motorcyle and tattoo lifestyle magazines including such titles as Easyriders, Biker, Savage Tatoo, V-Twin and In the Wind.

In 2008, when Mr. Teresi was in his late 60s, he brought in a new CEO, John Lagana. Mr. Lagana recognized that Tailgate competed head-on with numerous truck magazines including Sport Truck, Chevy Truckin', Chevy Truck, Hot Rod Trucks, Mini-Truckin', Hot Truck, Classic Truck, and Street Trucks. It made sense that Paisano shifted focus to its new hot rod title, Rebel Rodz. Tailgate was closed the same year the new CEO took charge.

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We have publisher data submitted to The Standard Periodical Directory for 2004 and 2005. In both years, the annual print volume was about 164,000.

A total of 43 issues was printed from August, 2000 to November, 2008. All images are complete.

The magazine's website presence was at www.tailgatemag.com; it is defunct.

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