As one of several large automotive publishers, Argus jumped into the performance truck market with Super Street Truck.   Starting as a quarterly magazine in 1990, by 1992 it went to bi-monthly.  Its focus was on improved performance and appearance for mostly Chevy pickups, but they threw in a few Fords for good measure.  Pickups for most decades were addressed, and content was feature vehicles and a healthy dose of "how-to" articles.

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The publisher provided some data to The Standard Periodical Directory for 1994 only, but circulation data was reported as zero.

A total of 12 issues was printed from Summer, 1990 through November, 1993. All cover images are complete. Note: there is a gap for early 1992, and the magazine may have had a loss of readers due to the Gulf War. That war negatively impacted other titles in this time period.

Super Street Truck Summer 1990
Summer 1990 Vol 1 No 1
Super Street Truck Fall 1990
Fall 1990 Vol 1 No 2
Super Street Truck Spring 1991
Spring 1991 Vol 2 No 1
Super Street Truck Summer 1991
Summer 1991 Vol 2 No 2
Super Street Truck Sept September 1992
Sept 1992
Super Street Truck Nov November 1992
Nov 1992
Super Street Truck Jan January 1993
Jan 1993
Super Street Truck Mar March 1993
Mar 1993
Super Street Truck May 1993
May 1993
Super Street Truck Jul July 1993
July 1993
Super Street Truck Sept September 1993
Sept 1993
Super Street Truck Nov November 1993
Nov 1993
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