MaxSpeed was started by Petersen Publishing in October 1998. It focused on performance upgrades to cars costing $30K or less and that were manufactured by brands from Europe and Asia. Donald Nosek was the editor, John Naderi the staff editor (he later became the editor of Super Street), and Ira Gabriel was the publisher.

In November 1999 Petersen sold its automotive titles to EMAP PLC, a British publisher with titles like Car and Max Power magazines. The staff at EMAP-Petersen decided to re-title MaxSpeed to a U.S. edition of Max Power. It had the same staff as before, and content included both U.S. and U.K. stories and features. When EMAP sold 60 automotive titles including this one to Primedia in 2001, Max Power was re-titled as Eurotuner.

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The publisher did NOT provide net paid circulation data to Oxbridge's The Standard Periodical Directory.

A total of 7 issues was printed from October, 1998 through September, 1999. All issues are complete except March, 1999.

MaxSpeed Oct October 1998
Oct 1998 Vol 1 No 1
MaxSpeed Nov November 1998
Nov 1998 Vol 1 No 2
MaxSpeed Jan January 1999
Jan 1999 Vol 2 No 1
Mar 1999 Vol 2 No 2
MaxSpeed May 1999
May 1999 Vol 2 No 3
MaxSpeed Jul July 1999
July 1999 Vol 2 No 4
MaxSpeed Sept September 1999
Sept 1999 Vol 2 No 5