Highbeams was published by Paisano Publications and publisher Joe Teresi. It was a glossy, male-oriented lifestyle magazine focused on tuners. Seven issues were printed with the Highbeams title, then it was re-titled to HiBeamZ and continued for five more issues.

The full-sized print magazine followed the same formula Paisano Publications used for a sister title, Tailgate. It focused on young male readers and offered content on "cars, shows and buns". The early issues featured Fords, Chevrolets, Hondas, Pontiacs, Nissan and Mazda vehicles. And some point, the title pivoted to more tuner-lifestyle oriented features, with a cover heading emphasizing "tuners, tech, products, lifestyle, events and trends". This was represented by the name change to HiBeamZ.

The table of contents, if available, can be seen by clicking on the icon.

The publisher provided net paid circulation data to Oxbridge's The Standard Periodical Directory for one year only -- 2004. The reported print volume was 84,000.

A total of 12 issues was printed from March, 2003 through March, 2005. All issues are complete except July, 2003. We apologize for the poor quality of some images, as this title had a low print volume making it hard to find quality covers.

The websites for this title are now defunct: www.highbeamsmag.com and hibeamz.com.

Highbeams Mar March 2003
Mar 2003 No 1
Jul 2003 No 2
Highbeams Sept September 2003
Sept 2003 No 3
Highbeams Nov November 2003
Nov 2003 No 4
Highbeams Jan January 2004
Jan 2004 No 5
Highbeams Mar March 2004
Mar 2004 No 6
Highbeams May 2004
May 2004 No 7
HiBeamZ Jul July 2004
Jul 2004 No 8
HiBeamZ Sept September 2004
Sept 2004 No 9
HiBeamZ Nov November 2004
Nov 2004 No 10
HiBeamZ Jan January 2005
Jan 2005 No 11
HiBeamZ Mar March 2005
Mar 2005 No 12