Auto Speed & Sport - Magazine Covers 1952 - 1953

Auto Speed & Sport magazine was published monthly in a large format from January, 1952 through February, 1953.  It was owned by Trend Inc, and its publishing address was 1015 S La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles.   The publisher was Robert Petersen (of Hot Rod fame) and Robert Lindsay. 

Mr Petersen had help from many resources to launch this magazine, and many went on to assist with other automotive publications - John Bentley (who left and helped start Auto Age), Tom Medley (Rod & Custom) and Gordon Behn (who later started Popular Hot Rodding).

Petersen positioned this title to cover sports cars and European automobiles.  Petersen had Hot Rod for the hot rodding community, Motor Trend for the general automotive reader, and Cycle for motorcycle enthusiasts.    The idea of this title was to cover all the ways to have fun with your sports car short of racing, with a classified ads program, US and European club coverage, and new products through the Trade News section.    The magazine has some very classic covers and wonderful illustrations.

Jan '52 Vol 1 No 1  Feb '52 Vol 1 No 2 Mar '52 Vol 1 No 3 Apr '52 Vol 1 No 4
May '52 Vol 1 No 5 June '52 Vol 1 No 6 Jul '52 Vol 1 No 7 Aug '52 Vol 1 No 8
Sept '52 Vol 1 No 9 Oct '52 Vol 1 No 10 Nov '52 Vol 1 No 11 Dec '52 Vol 1 No 12
Jan '53 Vol 2 No 1 Feb '53 Vol 2 No 2
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