Corvette World was a bi-monthly, full-sized magazine targeting classic and future classic Corvettes. It was published by Harris Publications. Content included:

The magazine was originally published by Stanley Harris with Cliff Gromer as the editor. After a short publication, it was sold to Dobbs Publishing in late 1990. Dobbs folded the readership and content into Corvette Fever.

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A total of 8 issues was printed from July, 1989 through December, 1990. All cover images are complete through the end of production.

Corvette World July 1989
Jul 1989 Vol 1 No 1
Corvette World Nov November 1989
Nov 1989 Vol 1 No 2
Corvette World Jan January Feb February 1990
Jan/Feb 1990 Vol 1 No 3
Corvette World Apr April 1990
Apr 1990 Vol 1 No 4
Corvette World Jun June 1990
June 1990 Vol 1 No 5
Corvette World Aug August 1990
Aug 1990 Vol 2 No 1
Corvette World Oct October 1990
Oct 1990 Vol 2 No 2
Corvette World Dec December 1990
Dec 1990 Vol 2 No 3
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