Hemi Muscle was series of one-shot magazines published by CSK Publishing. It was from the editors of High Performance Mopar.

CSK Publishing had numerous other titles in its portfolio including: Vette; High Performance Pontiac; Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords; and, Bracket Racing USA. These titles were sold to the McMullen Argus Publishing division of Primedia in 1997.

The table of content pages did not include reference to the year of publication, but given three issues from CSK and one from Primedia, these would have been issued in the mid-1990s.

A total of 5 issues was printed. All cover images and most table of content pages are included below.

Hemi Muscle Number 1
Number 1
Hemi Muscle Number 2
1996 Number 2
Hemi Muscle Number 3
Number 3
Hemi Muscle Number 4
1998 Number 4
2001 Hemi Muscle