Vans magazine was a series of "one-shot" magazines focused on the van craze of the mid-1970s. It was started by Petersen Publishing, who was often a "fast follower" meaning they weren't always the first to create dedicated titles for a new trend but learned to quickly capitalize on them when they could dominate market share. And they were equally adept to cancel a title if they could see the end of the trend coming.

Petersen often experimented with new segments and trends by utilizing these one-shot publications. Like other van magazines, it focused on lifestyle adventures, van shows, how-to articles and van customizing trends.

The successor to Vans was Petersen's Vans & Pickups.

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A total of 7 issues was produced from 1975 through 1978. All cover images are complete.

Petersen Vans 1975 Number 1
1975 Number 1
Petersen Vans 1976 Number 2
1976 Number 2
Petersen Vans 1977 Number 3
1977 Number 3
Petersen Vans 1977 Number 4
1977 Number 4
Petersen Vans 1977 Number 5
1977 Number 5
Petersen Vans 1977 Number 6
1977 Number 6
Petersen Vans 1978 Number 7
1978 Number 7
Last known issue