Modified Mustangs magazine was started by Rob Laidlaw and his VerticalScope organization in Toronto, Canada. The editor of this title, Huw Evans, targeted 1979 and later Mustangs with a strong focus on the 5.0 and 4.6 liter cars. The magazine had three content areas - deep product testing for speed and performance, event coverage, and profiled reader rides. It had a higher quality feel to it, with great graphics and photography. Many products were featured along with very attractive young women since the magazine had over 90% male readership. Technical articles were written both for the novice and experienced Mustang performance owner. The final printed product was typically about 150 pages.

Mr. Laidlaw was a proverbial "boy genius". He had already started a business in high school, and in 1999 -- at age 18 -- he left college and moved to Toronto. He then created over 100 media properties in power sports, automotive and technology in rapid succession including Modified Mustangs and Modified Luxury & Exotics.

Primedia's Enthusiast Media division purchased Modified Mustangs in February, 2007, and the Primediaa logo appeared on the front cover in June, 2007.

A few months after the acquisition, the Enthusiast Media division sold numerous titles to Source Interlink Media for $1.2 billion. Source Interlink subsequently closed and consolidated titles in 2008, so Mustang & Fords was combined with Modified Mustangs to create Modified Mustangs & Fords. The classic Mustangs and Fords featured in the former were combined with the performance focus of the latter.

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We do NOT have net paid circulation data for this magazine at this time.

A total of 30 issues was printed from Oct/Nov 2005 through June, 2008. All cover images are complete.

Website URLs were added to the front covers starting in May, 2006. The site is now defunct: www.modifiedmustangs.com.

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