Sports Car Pictorial was a short-lived publication from Charleton Publications in Derby, Connecticut. The publisher was John Kingdon who had previously edited Sports Cars and Hot Rods in 1953.

This title is not related (at least not by any means we can discern) with Sports Car Pictorial published in Oakland, California by Pete Biro, John Kelly, Joe Cleary and John O'Donnell.

More information on Charleton Publications can be found HERE. Little is known about Mr. Kingdon, except that he worked for a time with Ziff-Davis and later published multiple book titles during his career.

The table of contents can be seen by clicking on the  icon.

A total of 2 issues was printed in 1956, and both cover images are complete.

Spring 1956 Sports Car Pictorial
Spring 1956 Vol 1 No 1
Summer 1956 Sports Car Pictorial
Summer 1956 Vol 1 No 2