Classic Sixties was published monthly by Dobbs Publishing in Lakeland, Florida. Dobbs was an independent publisher who started with Mustang Monthly in 1978 and built a strong portfolio of other muscle and performance titles.

The assigned editor was Terry Boyce. Classic Sixties featured all types of cars from the 1960s. But Larry Dobbs, the publisher, realized the title limited what he could do with the magazine. Based on a tip from Mr. Boyce, Dobbs got a chance to purchase Car Exchange from Krause Publications in Iola, Wisconsin. Dobbs merged the two titles and created Popular & Performance Car Review. It was later re-titled to Muscle Car Review.

Donald Farr took over editorial duties of the new combined title, and Mr. Boyce returned to Michigan and began a long career with Chevrolet's advertising agency.

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Dobbs Publishing did NOT provide net paid circulation data to Gale Research.

A total of 15 issues was printed from January, 1983 through March, 1984. All cover images and all table of content pages are complete.

Classic Sixties Jan January 1983
Jan 1983 Vol 1 No 1
Classic Sixties Feb February 1983
Feb 1983 Vol 1 No 2
Classic Sixties Mar March 1983
Mar 1983 Vol 1 No 3
Classic Sixties Apr April 1983
Apr 1983 Vol 1 No 4
Classic Sixties May 1983
May 1983 Vol 1 No 5
Classic Sixties June 1983
June 1983 Vol 1 No 6
Classic Sixties July 1983
July 1983 Vol 1 No 7
Classic Sixties Aug August 1983
Aug 1983 Vol 1 No 8
Classic Sixties Sept September 1983
Sept 1983 Vol 1 No 9
Classic Sixties Oct October 1983
Oct 1983 Vol 1 No 10
Classic Sixties Nov November 1983
Nov 1983 Vol 1 No 11
Classic Sixties Dec December 1983
Dec 1983 Vol 1 No 12
Classic Sixties Jan January 1984
Jan 1984 Vol 2 No 1
Classic Sixties Feb February 1984
Feb 1984 Vol 2 No 2
Classic Sixties Mar March 1984
Mar 1984 Vol 2 No 3
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