Hi-Performance Kit Cars was published quarterly then bi-monthly by Challenge Publications . The publisher was Ed Schnepf, and editorial duties were spread to Brian Brennan, Steve Anderson and Dennis Adler.

The emergence of kit cars or component cars had been around since shortly after the automobile came into existence. There was a wave of fiberglass-bodied designs that were sold to independent builders in the 1950s and 1960s. However, a new wave of component manufacturers, plus better technology, emerged in the 1970s and 1980s. The marketplace not only included VW-powered cars, but vehicles like the AC Cobra, Lotus 7, vintage Porsches and others became very popular.

Lagging two full years behind Petersen Publishings' Kit Car offering, this title still offered similar content including new products, how-to articles, and feature articles showcasing owner-built cars.

After seven issues, the magazine was re-titled to Hi-Performance Cars.

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We estimate that a total of 13 issues was printed with both names between Fall, 1984 and January, 1987. We are missing only Sept/Oct '86.

Hi Performance Kit Cars Fall 1984
Fall 1984 Vol 1 No 1
Hi Performance Kit Cars Winter 1984
Winter 1984 Vol 1 No 2
Hi Performance Kit Cars Spring 1985
Spring 1985 Vol 2 No 1
Hi Performance Kit Cars Summer 1985
Summer 1985 Vol 2 No 2
Hi Performance Kit Cars Fall 1985
Fall 1985 Vol 2 No 3
Hi Performance Kit Cars Nov November December Dec 1985
Nov/Dec 1985 Vol 2 No 4
Hi Performance Kit Cars Jan January February Feb 1986
Jan/Feb 1986 Vol 3 No 1
Hi Performance Cars May June 1986
Mar/Apr 1986 Vol 3 No 2
Name change
Hi Performance Cars May June 1986
May/June 1986 Vol 3 No 3
Hi Performance Cars Jul July Aug August 1986
Jul/Aug 1986 Vol 3 No 4
Sept/Oct 1986 Vol 3 No 5
Hi Performance Cars Nov November Dec December 1986
Nov/Dec 1986 Vol 3 No 6
Hi Performance Cars Jan January Feb February 1987
Jan/Feb 1987 Vol 4 No 1
Last found issue