Northwest Rods - Magazine Covers - 1957 to 1958

Most of the following information is from Albert Drake in his hot rod publications. 

The magazine was the creation of Peter Sukalac, who provided the photos, stories, elbow grease and money. Northwest Rods was published in Portland, Oregon from October 1957 until April, 1958.  It featured motorcycles, dragsters, sprint cars, and customs.  Only four issues were published during a period when the interest in hot rods and sports cars sky rocketed.

Sukalac continued as a photographer and journalist; he contributed hundreds of articles to automotive magazines such as Rod & Custom and Car Craft between 1954 and 1980.  Peter was born in Rainer, Oregon in 1922 and died in Salem, Oregon in February 2003.

These are extremely rare magazines, so I'm pleased to include them.  A big thank you to a fellow HAMB member for the images. 

Oct 1957 Vol 1 No 1 Nov & Dec 1957
Vol 1 No 2
Jan & Feb 1958
Vol 1 No 3
Mar & Apr 1958
Vol 1 No 4


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