Auto Craftsman - Magazine Covers - 1956 to 1958

Auto Craftsman was an East Coast, large format magazine that was published every other month from December, 1956 through June, 1958.  It was published by H-K Publications at 1250 Camden Ave SW, Canton, Ohio, and the publishers were Joseph Hardie and Raymond Kelly. 

It was a re-titling or re-positioning of Motorsport magazine.  The first issue is whole number 52 and matches numbering from its predecessor.  Although geared to the automotive enthusiast who wanted to upgrade performance, drag racing was also featured.  Only 10 issues have been found.

At some point, How to Soup-Up Your Car was folded into this magazine, though there are few details.

PUBLICATION DATA: Auto Craftsman was consistently in either the 10th or 12th position in the three years the publisher provide print volumes (1957 to 1959).  Growth was flat in terms of net monthly paid circulation, so the title got little traction!

Dec 1956 Vol 7 No 7 Feb 1957 April 1957 June 1957
Aug 1957 Oct 1957 Dec 1957 Feb 1958
April 1958 Vol 9 No 2 June 1958
Last known issue


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