Popular Hot Rodding Pictorial was published by Argus Publishers Corporation.  The founder was Gordon Behn, who left Petersen Publishing as the circulation manager in 1962. His new company had numerous titles including Popular Hot Rodding, Off-Road, Super Chevy and Fabulous Mustangs & Exotic Fords.

This 100+ page title covered various forms of racing through photographs including drag racing, drag boats, tractor pulls, sprint cars, and truck pulls. Even though it claimed to not be a "crash and burn" book, it did feature photographs showing major crashes. The first editor was Steve Reyes, and he was followed by Stephanie Wolfe. Issues were not numbered like Petersen annuals.

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A total of 5 issues was printed from 1982 through 1986. All cover images are complete except for 1984, but given low print volume other issues may surface in the future.

Popular Hot Rodding Pictorial 1982 Annual
Popular Hot Rodding Pictorial 1983 Annual
Popular Hot Rodding Pictorial 1985 Annual
Popular Hot Rodding Pictorial 1986 Annual