This content section includes those magazine titles with a singular focus on electric vehicles (EVs) including performance upgrades and retrofits of classic older cars. At this point in time, there is only one such U.S. title, EV Builder's Guide.

As noted in other sections of this website, the introduction of print magazines usually lags the activities of hot rodders, customizers and speed tuners. This is also true with electric vehicles. In the past, however, EV conversions where fairly limited and relied on batteries commonly found in golf carts. We have NOT found any older, mass consumer titles covering electric car conversions.

But as with other technology shifts, e.g., the decline in use of Ford Flatheads as OHV engines from Chevrolet, Ford and Mopar became more available in the 1950s, or the shift from carbureted to electronic fuel injection, rodders are keen to find wrecked vehicles as a source for more modern components.

The introduction of the Tesla Model S in 2012 meant that, with time, electric motors, motor controllers and battery management systems become feedstock for custom builds and retrofits by a new breed of performance customizer.

Electric cars have a long history that goes back to the 1830s in Scotland. A brief summary of EV history can be found in this excellent article from Car and Driver magazine.

We are certain that some internal combustion engine (ICE) purists will hate seeing this modern title included on our website. However, this seems to be the way forward for many, and we embrace the idea that car lovers and hobbyists can own and appreciate both - this author is no exception with cars and trucks that span from 1932 to 2022!

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