Chevrolet was an annual publication by Petersen Publishing from the editorial staff of Hot Rod magazine.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Petersen used these annual publications strategically to test reader interest of a given vehicle or topic and potentially use it as a launching pad for a bi-monthly or monthly title. This proved successful with several titles, and Petersen succeeded with the full-sized Chevrolet in the form of Chevrolet High Performance.

When Petersen's publishing groups evolved in the early to mid-1980s, Chevrolet was issued under three publishing groups -- Hot Rod Action Series (AS), Hot Rod Automotive Series (HRAS), and Car Craft Performance Series (CCPS). Hence the different numbering schemes.

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A total of 9 issues was printed from 1978 through 1988. All cover images are complete.

Chevrolet Number 1
1978 Number 1
Chevrolet Number 2
1979 Number 2
Chevrolet Number 3
1980 Number 3
Chevrolet Number 4
1981 Number 4
Chevrolet Number 5
1983 Number 5
Chevrolet Vol 1 No 3
1983 Vol 1 No 3 (AS)
Chevrolet Vol 2 No 1
1984 Vol 2 No 1 (AS)
Chevrolet Vol 3 No 2
1985 Vol 3 No 2 (HRAS)
Chevrolet Vol 5 No 3
1988 Vol 5 No 3 (CCPS)